Monday, November 9, 2009


For this project, John had us pick two from 19th century literature (or before) and one from modern day film. We had to compare them in some way...or show how these two villains have something in common.

I chose Medusa and Davy Jones...and I outlined these in ink first, and colored them in photoshop. Approximate time was (much longer than I should have spent on these) about 21 hours of work from sketch time to completion...but I think it was well worth it! I really love how medusa turned out (and her snakes).

One thing that I think helped tie these compositions together was that pattern of the checkered floor. I think adding in that diamond pattern to the wall helped to tie their styles together. I originally intended to do a lot of flat color and shapes, but I ended up shading and rendering everything...which benefited me a ton. This is probably one of my best pieces I've created :D

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  1. Vector is not a "style" like Anime, but a "medium" like charcoal. Asking what vector-art looks like is like asking what an oil painting looks like.