Thursday, February 26, 2009

Awesome tutorials...did you know you can do this?

I had no idea what the heck a "Vector Smart Object" was whenever I decided to paste stuff from Illustrator into Photoshop before...usually there's a million options like "Paste as Pixels, vector, shape, etc" but NOW I know what the purpose of a "Vector Smart Object" is!

Apparently, if you copy and paste something from Illustrator as it is open (and vice versa from Photoshop to Illustrator) you can manipulate the image in one program, and the changes will appear in the second program! I have yet to really try this, perhaps later today...but that is awesome.

I totally dig the mask/texture tutorial in this video too.


  1. haha actually I just tried this...and well I think it only works with CS4...dammit.

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