Thursday, March 12, 2009

Branding Me?

So today is the first step I'm taking in trying to "Brand" in giving myself a logo that sort of stands for me as well as linking my resume, cover letter, website, and portfolio in all forms so that it may all be cohesive.

So I came up with this neat design for my you will now see in the header at the top. A very nice cursive snow with a snowflake substituted as the "o." Just trying to emphasize the uniqueness of my name, really. Hopefully this is something I can stick with for awhile and really build up on it.

Also, I got an internship offer at Twist, a small local marketing agency specializing in branding small local businesses that revolve around lifestyle and entertainment, though theres some others as well. I have still yet to have an interview with Rivet, so we'll see where my road takes me, but it looks like I definitely have an option!

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