Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Urban Outfitters and Illustration NOW!

There are a few reasons why I hardly purchase anything at Urban Outfitters:

1. Honestly, who spends $45 on a basic t-shirt that I can find at target for $9?
2. I don't know how they decided when grandpa's sweater came back in style...it never did.
3. Almost all of their stuff is fairly seasonal, though I've seen them put out the same basic soft sweater from their dusty winter inventory 3 years in a row.

But on the counterpart, I love their accessories and home furnishings. I stumbled across a shelve of books they were selling, and I found behold...

ILLUSTRATION NOW (a tanschen book)!!!
A conglomeration of 96 different illustrators' work. AMAZING! (Yuko Shimizu is in there too, btw).

I'm having all sorts of fun flipping through it and checking out all the contemporary illustrators work. So far my favorites are:

- Gina Triplett (she has a wonderful balance between acrylic and ink)
- Christoph Niemann (tons of visual metaphors and very clever)
- Arthur dePins
- Jason Brooks
- Delicatessen (the last three are very similar in their vector/flat shape way of composing people

Another fabulous book to add to my library, which I have just recently thought of building.
I just purchased the other day a "photo reference for comic book artists" book, which has basically men and women in very neat action poses in different perspectives, with very awesome lighting. I would have purchased the "all male models" one since I am lacking in my male anatomy skills (if you know what I mean, everytime I draw the male body, it ends up being slick straight like a rectangle with very little muscle definition. Like nerdy guys with baggy clothes.)
My library is building... :D

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